Hey Clark! How 'bout we do Christmas in the trailer park this year? The VA finally paid me out, so we're rollin' in the cash and ready for the hap-hap-happiest Christmas party this side of the Mississippi.

Grab the kin folk and come on!


We've got a nice, warm tent to lounge in and a hell-of-a bar set up in the new Airstream! Bring the fam, a few friends and a cute bitch for Snotz (you know how he gets). I already talked to the RV park owner, and they said it's cool if we add a smoking area for Ellen.  Make sure you get here in time to decorate. We're gonna need those lights you like to put on the house, if you can get them untangled in time. 

Shitter's all cleaned out and ready to go, so let's have a good ole fashion Griswold celebration.

See ya in the Plaza District! 


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