Coming (as) Soon (as possible)

They say patience is a virtue, but she's also a b*tch. 

Since wrapping up Cousin Eddie's last December, we've been dreaming about how to share our space with Dreamers + Doers, like us. We like to keep things interesting, so we plan to flex our creative muscles with some of our artist friends by bringing to life the Airdreams of our community. 

The concept is a blank slate, where we can bring any idea or dream to life. *Cue "The Bones" by Maren Morris

The arts community is booming in this city, and we are happy to provide local creatives with a fresh canvas to create and shine.  Together, we can:

Create • Shine • Gather

Screen Shot 2022-05-08 at 9.36.28 AM.png

Design + Artwork by Adam Lanman

Site Improvements by 180 Development

Planned improvements for The Airdream’s social space include:

  • Existing, fully renovated 1978 Airstream Sovereign, serving as the Concession Stand

  • A rotating, thematic photo booth

  • Green Space

  • Shade Structures

  • Public Patio Seating

  • Toilets

  • Dog-and-Kid friendly areas

  • Public Art Displays

Our Community-Based Mission + Vision
The Airdream Social Club is designed as a flexible, outdoor, mixed-use space in the Plaza District capable of hosting weekly, casual beverage service with patio seating, as well as larger, more curated experiences and live performances.  


Uplifting local creatives, building community and making memories is at the heart of our Mission.  The Airdream aims to continually surprise and delight guests with ever evolving on-site experiences and artistic installations. Fueled by creativity and a passion for experiential, immersive art and entertainment: this mixed-use space embraces and celebrates the eclectic and artistic diversity of Oklahoma City’s Plaza District.  


The Airdream plans to utilize this outdoor space as a gathering place to uplift and inspire the community, via ever evolving art installations and on-site experiences, such as: 


  • Seasonal, Immersive Events (such as last year’s “Cousin Eddie’s” Holiday Pop-Up)

  • Local Artist Installations (working with advocates like Plaza Walls + OK Mural Syndicate)

  • Artist Markets + Swap Meets featuring local vendors 

  • Farmers Markets + Expos featuring Oklahoma Agriculture

  • Various Community-Building Events such as Pride + Dia de los Muertos celebrations


This outdoor social space will be open weekly (Weds-Sun) for guests to enjoy beverages served from The Airdream (both alcoholic + non-alcoholic), listen to music and experience the artistic vibrancy of the Plaza from shaded patios and eclectic seating areas.  


In addition, The Airdream will host larger seasonally themed, immersive experiences (similar to their first endeavor last fall, “Cousin Eddie’s” - a National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation themed holiday pop-up) and other experiences, such as “Ride-in” Summertime Movie Nights, Various Markets, Live Music / Dance Performances and much more. 


This casual social space will prioritize programming Artists Markets and Live Performances as a platform for Oklahoma artists to showcase their talents while also supporting local businesses serving the surrounding neighborhood by providing continually evolving art installations + seasonal events which encourage community engagement.


What’s your #Airdream