The Airdream

Social Club

The brainchild of female creatives, Abbi Rinderknecht + Hillary Self, who know how to throw a party you'll be telling your grandkids about (whether that's tomorrow or 20 years from now), we are proud to share with you "The Airdream". 

Hillary + Abbi have been creating "Wow" moments across the country for friends, family, a-list celebrities and some of the top corporations in the world, such as FIJI Water, Amazon Prime, ESPN (X-Games) and Verizon. Sorry, we have too many NDAs to namedrop the a-listers, but get a couple drinks in us, we might hint around a few of those *wink wink. We've even dabbled in weddings (three of which were our own...

followed by one hell of a divorce party). 

The Airdream will be a social space curating immersive experiences meant to surprise and delight. 

We'll be changing the experiences seasonally, so stay turned here for our latest + greatest!

What's your #airdream? 


More Experiences Coming SOON to The Plaza District!


THANK YOU, OKC, for sharing "Cousin Eddie's", our first experience at The Airdream with us.

We feel truly blessed to be taken in by this inspiring community + we are so excited to keep surprising + delighting you, here.


In the coming months, you'll see some improvements to our space as we prepare to bring more magic to The Plaza District this spring + summer.

Photos provided by Hoku Cartwright



The Airdream Social Club

1618 N. Blackwelder Ave.

Oklahoma City, OK 73106